Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sydney - Scotland Island - a hidden gem (or not you decide) (2)

Where was I?

GOOD STUFF about Scotland Island

Well Scotland Island is lovely. The people are helpful, there are dirt and some tar roads so plenty of people ferry an old jeep, car, bike or quadbike over. This helps them with getting around and also with carrying heavy goods up the hills (if you have to)

There is a local guy, who lives on the island who delivers Coles internet shopping on Saturday mornings, and its quite convenient as you dont have to be there. Just leave the door open with the cash on the table!!!! (Thats Island living huh)

Theres another local guy who has a sort of barge thing for ferrying cars, furniture, heavy goods. Although the ferries take anything you and a mate can carry.

There is also a 24 hour taxi service (the guys sleep on a houseboat) - so the first thing you do is get their cell number!!

There is a community on the island doing things like art, yoga, music, child care etc. It comes and goes. Many people have live there for over 20 years- I met one kind lady who had been there over 30 years!

My kids and I fished from the jetties (despite signs saying no). The islanders just said "go for it". Beside we did not have a boat!

Oh yeah, theres a playground there with swings etc.

Its quite safe - no roving people.

Kids get ferried to school in the nearby town. (20 minutes max adn supervised) Ferry paid for by gov as its considered school transport.

So if you have a boat, its a small walk to you playground eh? And if your on the waterfront - well you park on your jetty right!? man man man - paradise without doubt! (well i'll get to the cons later)

I walked right round the island in about 25 minutes... Although I somehow managed to take a wrong turn at one point.

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