Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sydney - Scotland Island - a hidden gem (or not you decide)

We looked everywhere for short stay accommodation in Sydney that was affordable for a family of 5 and, you guessed it, there was none.

I found this place called Scotland Island (google it). its actually an island in a river/lagoon waterway. ITs closest point to mainland is about 200 meters so its inaccessable by land.

Why did I choose this?

Well it has cheap rentals for a start (dues to the water you have to cross)

We stayed there for about 5 weeks. Its accessible by water taxi whihc takes 5 - 20 minutes depending where you live on the island as the water taxi loops around the island stopping at about 5 jetties.

Its an island paradise in my opinion and I would love to live there!

But its a 50 minute bus journey to central Sydney and that does not take into account the ferry to the jetty and you walk up to your house. (Depends how far)

You could be on the island waterfront or at the top of the hill - there are about three concentric rings of houses on the Island.

Water is mainly rain water stored in tanks, although you can fill the tanks from fresh water pipes- its not too expensive, but you have to train the family not to shower forever (teenagers! nuff said! - not to mention my 11 year old daughter)

Well it is a paradise - wooden houses amongst treesm surrounded by water! Everyone has a boat, and most islanders have one or two boats. This avoids the ferries and saves on commute time.

more in next blog guys

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