Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scotland Island - the bad stuff (cons)

Well - you have to take a boat to get to your house. So that adds time to every journey. You also have to carry your shopping on the ferry or your boat.

If you dont live on the waterfront, you have to carry your stuff up a hill and for the houses at the back - that might be a long way. (I got quite fit after a while)

Oh yeah, there is an island taxi who is a phone call away with only a few clients.

There is no permanent conenction to water mains. So you rely on rain and topping up via a pipe network on the island. Takes about 2-5 hours to fill a tank with a pesky to walk around island to turn on the tap and measure. This can be a 15 minute walk each way if you are on the opposite side of the Island.

If you want fresh drinking water (bottled) you end up lugging water cans all the time.

Your waste and loo goes into one of these underground eco tanks. As a family of 5 we had to stop flushing between pee's in order to not fill up the sewage tank. Otherwise an unpleasant smell greets you all day.

Also (minor), you have to carry your rubbish down to the large bins on the jetties as these are emptied by the council by boat.

It can be isolated on the Island, - you might find that there are not enough kids on the island for friends. Depends on age etc.

Apaprently some wifes find it really difficult to cope on the island as its a hardier than normal city life.

Scotland island property value can be less due to the above factors. Rental income is less due to the above.

Still to me, its paradise.

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