Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My room in a house in Sydney

Well, I arrive at Jasper street, Baulkham Hills, Sydney, after much driving up and down the same road. The driveway is quite hidden.

Its mid winter Its cold!

Firstly, I found this place online as there are various websites that advertize/organize rentals. Please beware as i was approached online by about 6/7 con artists trying to rent me bogus rooms.. I think they also wanted images of my passports for nefarious purposes. Seriously I was shocked.

ok back to the room rental.

The garden looked like it had not been cut in years. (remember this is an upmarket area). There was rubbish infront of the garage -leke old rusted trycycles and buckets etc. - you could not get to the garage.

The back of the house had grass 2-3 feet high!
Inside the house, in the lounge was a large collection of furniture (from years gone by) and the rumpus rooms was basicall full.

Now, in the hosts defence I think her hubby had split and she was left fending for herself and one of the things she did was empty all the furniture into some rooms and let the rest out.

My host (whom I dont want to offend) was a kind of Dame Edna mixed with grandma(There was even a large (half meter wide) hat in the entrance hall). So all in all clean house inside but Cluttered with an overgrown garden.

OK my BEEEF - the SHOWER!!!

It was winter!

You must understand, I had been travelling for 28 hours - I needed a shower. I had images of torrents of hot water. Ok I force the unco-operative shower door open. No shower HEAD! - hmm ok who-cares. Turn on cold water - cool - turn on hot water - hmm stays cold - turn down colds water - cold, turn off cold water - BOILING.

It turns out that if I crack the cold water a fraction of a millimeter I can produce a comfortable temp with the water flow of, hmm lets say at the strength of an old man peeing!!!!

And its freezing(its winter)!

(i kid u not!)

Then, I had a shave in ....... freezing water, why, the hot water tap is not working.

I took me the better part of 2 hours to calm down as not to take my stuff and leave again..
I must say in my hosts defence -she was helpful, nice, clean and the other peeps in the house were very friendly.

So in the end (with 2 minute showers), I managed to spend a month there while trying to get my bearing and prepare for my family to arrive a month later.

It was quite cheap and if you need a place to stay I can recommend this as it was homely, safe and ina  good area. Drop me a message or a comment and I'll forward your number or email to the house owner.

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