Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malls in Sydney

Hi guys,

well there are malls everywhere. Biggest one I  have been too is Parammatta Westfield. It has about 6 large floors. Everything you could wish for except good restaurants. I have not found a mall here with great food places.

Let me know wont you?

There are Westfield malls everywhere.

Where I live in St Ives there is a smallish mall (called St Ives Village) hmm...but it has everything you need.

Within 10 minutes drive is Chatswood  -quite nice. There is also chatswood Chase (too upmarket for me with boutiques and $$$$$ (you get it!))

We like to go to the macquarie Malls as they are huge and have a Cinema.

We stayed in the Northern beaches area near Avalaon for a while and there were no real malls - there were some but all smallish and more utility like as apposed to a place you could go trawl through on a boring day.

Castle Hill has a biggish mall with good cinemas.

Oh yeah - Sydneys cinemas have the gold class option, where apparently you can get food and drinks brought to you in your large plush chair etc. Hmm never been there (too pricey for me)

Maybe I'll spoil the wifey one day..

Sydney town itself has some great shopping -no awesome but the town is clean and easy to get around.

You can walk form the centre of town down to the waterfront in 10 minutes or less -easy easy.

Lots of boat trips to be taken

gg for now

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