Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How much did it cost to immigrate to Sydney?

Bear in mind we are a family of 5

We did the 175 skilled independant visa

Well the medical checks were about 700 pounds

The visa bureau we used plus visa all came to aboutt 3000 pounds

Police certificates and fingerprints - add 200 pounds

English test for myself and wifey - 150 pounds

Plane tickets for 5(one way) - 2400 pounds (cheapest tickets we could find)

One 22 foot container - 3300 pounds

Customs fees in Australia - 400 pounds

Furniture rental for 5 weeks(minimal) 1200 pounds

Miscelaneous things like car licence transferral - 200 pounds

I cant remember anythign else atm.

Holy CRAP!!! thats almost 12000 pounds

ITs expensive! do not take it lightly!

Many many solid normal people go back home within the first 6 months!

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