Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How expensive is Sydney?

Very, very expensive.

While I dont want to run it down or put you off. Please please be aware its as bad as London. Property is through the roof! -Everywhere!

If you want something cheap - be prepared to commute at least 1.5 hours or more.

Do not expect to come here with no cash or deposit and find something easily.

A 4 bedroom house in n hour of Sydney starts at 450k for the worst and goes up sharp from there.

Food is expensive - wth - $5 fro a mango. - drive out for an hour and get a tray for $8 - wtf?

Everything costs here.

3 month electricity for family of 5 with pool - $950

family of 5 - food bills $1000 minimum..

ciao for now


  1. is cheap if you are Carlos Slim

  2. Could not agree more- we are in lavender bay and our rent is $3300/month for a 1.5 bedroom apartment!!!! Food is crazy!!!

  3. For a single person living in Sydney,N.S.W Australia.
    Rent $1100 per fortnight ,and that's living in an average crappy house built in the 70's or older.
    Too buy an average house: $750,000 and up.
    Travel to and from work fuel for one week: $140.(don't include the weekend)
    Food $150 a week (that's just the bare basics)
    Basic Night out on the cheap: $150 (drinks,food and travel)
    Electricity: $400 every three months. Our electricity will be going up again in July. If you can afford to travel after all the bills and high taxes you have to pay in Australia,i find that its much cheaper( and more fun!) to holiday overseas,particularly Asia,Eastern Europe and North America. I hope Ive helped out here.


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