Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Driving through Sydney - first day

The first thing I did when arriving in Sydney was rent a car (at the airpot). Actually, I booked it a few days before in the UK. The cheapest I could find was AVIS car rental. Another good option is the well known Budget car rental.

After picking my car rental at the airport - which was quite quick, I then got a sim card, loaded my cell phone and off I went. I also had pre-loaded my TomTom with AU maps and just plugged it in and I was soon on my way to my temp bedroom accommodation.

Ok! This    feels   like I am back in Cape Town, wide streets, low buildings,,,, SPACE!!!! So different to the UK. Surprisingly a lot of  UK people migrating to Australia actually don't like the spacious houses.

Blue sky's!!  I was awestruck - after growing up in Zim and South Africa with space and warmth it is so nice to be out of London (read dirty, dark, icy, clothed to the hilt -etc. never going out)

A notice slowly that Sydney and its Suburbs are a lot bigger than Cape Town - like 10 times bigger -(maybe 20)

Everyone drives slowly and you get caught immediately if you don't. Wonderfully! I am driving with no stress! - there are gaps to change lanes!! - the roads are well though out. I have my UK TOM TOM and its easy!!!

WTF! what can only be uttered as a flock of budgies just fly past me!!! that is pretty awesome as I only have ever seen budgies in a cage. Triple awesome tbh.

I then see a large white parrot. This is what gets me no-one ever mentions the birds in Sydney?
Why is this? There is a huge variety of parrot types in Sydney. That's just amazing in itself. The large white parrots walk around like tame doves. They seem to be totally unafraid of everyone. Well with a large beak like that... Actually I think its the respect that Australians have for animals in general that allows them to live like this.

These birds have given me numerous wonderfull moments.

Ok this might sound boring but I'll change tack in the next blog ok ;)

Wait till you hear about my room I rented in up market Baulkham hills!!! What a treat (specially the shower).

signing off for now or read next blog!!!

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