Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Arriving in Sydney

Well, this is a little bit late but I will recall my arrival of Sydney as best as I can.
Arrive early, it was warm! (I had just spent 5 years in the UK)

Bugger, the hire car thing I did over the internet did not quite work and my HSBC credit card did not work at the car rental.

Watchout as a lot of the bank networks in Sydney just dont seem to work. After phoning my bank in the UK and ascertaining that they had not rejected my transaction (in fact the transaction had not even reached them), and also using the same credit card next door to buy a coke, after numerous calls to my wife I managed to pay for this somehow with an old business card of mine.

Ok an hour later I finally have my little car and am driving down some main road to Baulkham hills where I have a room in a house.

Wahoo - it reminds me over and over again of CapeTown

How I got my visa

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